The Solar Program: Bringing Solar Power to East Coast Homes

I was recently asked why I started The Solar Program. I’ve always been involved in industries that assisted homeowners, but why the residential solar power industry?

During my travels to the west coast, I began to notice solar panels installed on more and more homes and businesses. That’s what really sparked my interest in solar power and residential solar power ownership. I did some research, and found that recent advances in solar panel technologies made this clean energy alternative more financial feasible than ever for homeowners. I stopped in my tracks when I realized that Solar Power Systems are affordable and reliable, and that this industry is going to improve homeowners lives and save them money.

I could not figure out why the west coast was expanding with solar power systems for homeowners and the our local communities of Staten Island, New Jersey, New York, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island had yet to see this expansion?

As I dug deeper, I found out states like California had high energy costs. That, coupled with government incentives, made it really attractive for people to go solar. Looking locally, I found there were amazing incentives available that made the North East very “solar friendly.” The more we searched and learned, the more we saw the potential and opportunity to improve New Yorkers’ lives by reducing their energy costs. Solar Energy would be cheaper for our local communities, and we needed to get the word out.

With that information, plus energy costs being some of the highest in the nation, I knew that it was a win-win for homeowners in the New York metro areas to go solar. My neighbors were now not only able to be pro-environment with their energy consumption, but also save a bunch of money!

Solar power is a real and tangible low cost energy technology. It keeps energy costs low for homeowners and helps reduce pollution while reducing our need to depend on fossil fuels. It gives people a feeling of independence knowing they are producing their own power and families can use their energy savings to get ahead.

So with all these positives surrounding solar, I became very concerned with the bad times other people were having. There was a backlash from some homeowners who were unhappy with the overall experience.

Fortunately, it was an easy fix.

There was one thing in common about the companies mentioned in the negative reviews: They were all resellers, used subcontractors, and provided inferior solar panels.

The technology behind the solar panels matters as much as the company behind them. People need to know that not all solar is the same.

That’s the reason why I decided to build a unique relationship with SunPower. SunPower leads the industry not only in technology, but quality and warranty. When I decided that bringing people solar power was important, they were my first choice. On top of the world class, award winning technology there is no one else that can offer a direct from manufacture service. From design to install, SunPower facilitates the entire process.

Now in 2016, my primary goal is for The Solar Program is to grow, and to grow fast! We are expanding up and down the east coast. Our mission is to offer the best panels, with the best service, for the lowest costs.

We want people to understand that not all solar panels and solar companies are the same.  It’s a very rewarding to know that you are saving people a ton of cash while making a positive impact on the planet with the best solution available.

One thought on “The Solar Program: Bringing Solar Power to East Coast Homes

  • January 18, 2017

    Vincent DeCicco

    The solar program is the best most reliable solar company around. Five stars for installation and service . No issues for several years now and saving money . Recommend highly !


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