When You Choose The Solar Program

$ ZERO down, no out of pocket cost for those who qualify


One low monthly payment though lease or financing


The longest and most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry


Tax incentives (eligibility determined by state)


Transferable if you sell your home

Top of the Line

SunPower panels are the highest performing on the market.

Their Maxeon® solar cell technology produces the power you need, guaranteed…


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I have been approved for the SunPower lease?
You will receive an email from Adobe 'EchoSign' (a secure electronic signature service) with an electronic copy of the lease for your signature. After the lease is executed, your installer will get the required permits, work with you to schedule the installation date, and order the system equipment.

What is the guarantee and warranty for the system I’m leasing?
SunPower guarantees the energy production of the system for the entire 20-year term of the lease. Our industry-leading Production Guarantee ensures that your system will produce within the specified range of energy every year, or SunPower will pay or credit you (for details, see the Production Guarantee and Limited Warranty agreement in your lease). SunPower has obtained warranties from the installer for the installation/workmanship of the system. SunPower also provides a warranty for the SunPower equipment for the full term of the lease.

How is the SunPower Production Guarantee’s rate per kWh calculated?
The SunPower Production Guarantee's rate per kWh is calculated based on the amount (if any) you have prepaid your lease payments, not your utility rates (see below):
Lease Type The rate per kilowatt hour (kWh)
Monthly Lease Total (12) monthly payments in a year divided by the expected production in that year.
Prepaid Lease Total prepaid amount divided by the expected production over 20 years.
Partial Prepaid Lease The partial pre-payment amounted divided by the expected production over 20 years plus the 12 monthly payments in a year divided by the expected production that year.
If I sell my home, can the lease be transferred to the new homeowner?
We understand that some homeowners may sell their home during the term of the lease. If you sell your home during the 20-year term of the lease, then you will have two options: 1) You can use the buy-out option and include the system in the sale of your home (see the lease for details); or 2) The lease can be assigned/transferred as-is to the new homeowner (subject to lessee’s approval).

Can I refinance my house if I have a leased solar system on the roof?
Yes. The lease does not prohibit the refinance of your home. Before refinancing you must notify your lender that you have leased a solar power-generating system. Administrative fees may apply.

Can I buy the SunPower system before the end of the 20-year lease?
Yes. You can purchase the leased system upon sale of the home or transfer of the deed. See the lease for details.

What are my options at the end of the 20-year lease?
You have two options at the end of the 20-year term (see the lease for details): 1) Extend the term of the lease; or 2) Request removal of the system, at no cost (taxes and fees may apply)

What happens if I need to remodel or update my roof while I'm leasing?
Provide SunPower with at least 15 days' prior notice of your intent to repair or improve the premises so that SunPower can remove or otherwise protect the system prior to the repairs or improvements.

How much will I need for the initial deposit on my solar system lease?
The SunPower lease requires no deposit. Your first payment won’t be due until the system is fully energized.

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